Monday, February 28, 2011



Hey everyone who happens to turn to this blog post on this particular day. There has been parkour afoot in my life lately. I am just busting at the seems with happiness I have been able to get outside and train.

Thursday and Saturday of last week were devoted to outdoor training.

Thursday I went out and after a quick little warmup my training partner and I played some sprinting games up stairs and thru our environment. We did this for about an hour followed by stretching and some soft tissue work and finally had to call it quits for we had other plans to attend to.

Saturday was more exciting and after a mile and a half run up and down a parking garage we spent two hours training at some old spots of mine. Worked on climbups, underbars, cat leaps, gate vaults, kong vaults, dash vaults, side vaults, thief vaults, and QM's. We played some water and ice related games as part of our year of the alchemy index training games series. We played a long game of "flow like water" working on stringing as many movements as possible effortlessly and quietly thru small and big spaces.

Safe training y'all

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