Monday, February 28, 2011



Hey everyone who happens to turn to this blog post on this particular day. There has been parkour afoot in my life lately. I am just busting at the seems with happiness I have been able to get outside and train.

Thursday and Saturday of last week were devoted to outdoor training.

Thursday I went out and after a quick little warmup my training partner and I played some sprinting games up stairs and thru our environment. We did this for about an hour followed by stretching and some soft tissue work and finally had to call it quits for we had other plans to attend to.

Saturday was more exciting and after a mile and a half run up and down a parking garage we spent two hours training at some old spots of mine. Worked on climbups, underbars, cat leaps, gate vaults, kong vaults, dash vaults, side vaults, thief vaults, and QM's. We played some water and ice related games as part of our year of the alchemy index training games series. We played a long game of "flow like water" working on stringing as many movements as possible effortlessly and quietly thru small and big spaces.

Safe training y'all

Monday, February 14, 2011


This post is for yesterdays workout:

The Widowmaker:
     10x Handstand Push-Ups
     20x Box Jumps
     30x Pull-Ups
     40x Push-Ups
     50x Deadlifts (150lbs)
     10x Knee to Elbows
     20x Dips
     30x Burpees
     40x Sit-Ups
     50x BW Squats

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So I missed posting the past few days... Things that have gone on:

1. 6.3 mile Run - Wednesday
2. 2 hour Rail work session - Thursday
3. Fastest 55 (Burpees, Pullups, Handstand Pushups) - Friday
4. Hour and a half Rail Walking, Cat Walking, Vault and Roll training session - Saturday

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Trying to think up new ways to build muscle, lose fat, stay fit etc. without going to the gym is so easy with parkour! It's like there are endless possibilities for me to train my body to become a better stronger me.

Today was a toughy. 4 sets of 40 x Pushups, Pullups, Box Jumps and Situps

So exhausted by the end of it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Dank and Rainy Training

Well folks it is that time again. I'm back to share my experiences in training to strengthen my body through daily movement or as some like to call it "PARKOUR". Today was a dreary rainy day. I stayed inside and watched tv for the most part (which i feel quite bad about). I can't wait till spring to get outside more. I could not get outside for running like i had wanted to due to the ground being completely covered in ice!

So for training what I ended up doing was warming up with 3x: 10x: pushups, pullups, squats, v sits, and then supplemented hip stretching, and shoulder ROM exercises.

The Workout I shot for was 5 sets of 5 reps of Burpee + Broad jumps.

Then cause i wanted to drill some sprinting but could not I drilled as many exercises as i could in a half hour period. I started with as many pushup forms as i could think of (divebomber, side to side, plyo, square, weighted) then worked on my quadropedal movements (forward, backward, ground kongs, alligators, crab walks) then finally pullups (weighted, L pullups, frenchies, chin ups, clap pull ups)

Cooled down with stretching.

I cannot wait to be rid of snow. But it is just another obstacle that I will have to overcome till spring!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Be the change you want to see in the world - ghandi

end of a week star of a new

hello all. i've been recovering/overcoming the obstacle of being sick. for the past few weeks i've been transitioning my diet back into my old healthy diet. i have also been taking a pretty awesome multi vitamin.

training has also been afoot! yesterday i did a quite strenuous circuit of 3 sets of this:

Handstand Push-Up x 5 immediately followed by Clap Push-Ups x 5
Pistol or weighted Pistol x 5 (each leg) immediately follwed by Jump Squats x 10
L-Pull-Up or Weighted Pull-Up x 5 immediately followed by Clap Pull-Ups x 5 (kipping pull-up + clap)
After finishing 3 total circuits, finish with Front Plank and Side Plank x 2:00 each.
That brings us to today. Sunday. I started things off with shoulder and hip stretching movements. On to the workout... for that I worked as fast and as hard as I possibly could to get through 7 sets of & pull-ups, 14 burpees, and 21 squats. Following this workout I stretched out my arms and legs during the cool down session. I then promptly hit the couch and konked out into a deep sleep because of how exhausting this workout was!
I'm going to continue to train hard and try to improve on my strength and skills each day.
safe training my peoples

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday (and previous missed days)

Buenos dias folks there in internet land! Jared here for another updat for this here training blog of mine. Sorry I haven't gotten on to post in awhile, I haven't had the time to sit down and write to you all. But I am back and here to share with you all about what I have been up to in the wide world of bodily training.

So on monday I did the Apk warm up and then went for a 3 and a half mile run! I was so happy to get out and actually run some for I had not gotten out and ran in a couple weeks now! Did a quick stretching cool down and was all done for the day.

Tuesday I started things off with the American Parkour Warm up for something new. And then did a descending rep circuit of handstand pushups, pullups, and burpees. Cooled down with some stretching and shoulder ROM excercises.

Finally we are now at today where I warmed up and then tried to get thru 8 sets of 10x squats and 30-sec handstand holds as fast as I could. Then ended it today with some sprinting drills and stretching.

Happy Training

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Update or Whatever

So I'm sorry I did not post thursday or friday... I did workout those days! Just I didn't have the time to sit at the computer and post either day. So that's why today I am posting what I did on those days.

I had wanted to get out in training at this playground with little jared on thursday but when we had gotten there the entire playground was covered in snow and we weren't wearing the most winter friendly clothes that day.

So I went home... I started the workout on thursday with the APK warmup. From there I spent about twenty minutes working on my planche. Because I have not been training a whole lot with body weight I have progressed backwards and was working on frog planches to build wrist and upper body strength. I also did pseudo-planche push-ups. And some handstand holds and handstand presses. Finished thursday up with stretching and shoulder exercises and rolls.

Friday I got home from a long day at work and did the APK warmup and tabata intervals of push ups pull ups sit ups and squats!! What a great way to get the muskels a burning!!!

Well i will be back on monday to post about my parkour happenings. Till then!...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Climbing Session

Jared D. and I (jared forbes) went to Bartlett Elementary School after work and did some training.

We warmed up with the APK warm-up and then did the APK Workout of the Day

After that we spent a half hour on everything that involved climbing up. So wall climbs, wall runs, shimmys, etc.

We cooled down with stretching and shoulder ROM exercises.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday 5k

- Stretching

- Run 3 miles
- Stretch
- Work on "FLOW"

- 2/10 Mile walk

Friday, January 7, 2011

Playground Training

I was a little hesitant to go out and train today seeing how it was so frigid! But I made it out. Jared Forbes and I went to this new playground (well new to me) to train, and I have to say it is pretty much perfect for training. Lots of multi-level drops, things to swing and lache from, countless precision jump possibilities, things to vault over!! I was like a kid in a candy store!

Today's set of training started us off with the American Parkour warmup: 3 sets of 10 x pushups, 10 x pullups, 10 x prisoner squats, 2 x samson stretches, running, and pk rolls and dive rolls.

From there we did some lache work and some cat leaps.

We played a quick game of "the Ground is Hot Lava" till our upper body gave out of strength.

For the rest of the training session we worked on landing precision jumps that were well past comfort level for both of us.

Ending with a session of stretching, I'd say that was quite the workout.

I/We will be back to training on Monday,
Jared D. + Jared F.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Manchester Nighttime Parkour

Today I went out with Jared Forbes and we did some skill training in Manchester. I was so excited to go and scout out areas for the summer. We hit up some of my old spots and I/we discovered some spots I had never been before.

We started things out with a warmup run. It was quite frigid out (and Jared was just in shorts!)

We hit up one of my favorite spots. There we worked on training some wall runs, rail walking, cat walking, a vast array of vaults, some rolls and then stringing together movements.

Then we didn't go very far to hit up the next spot, it was just around the corner. It was like this loading dock area/handicap ramp and staircase. We worked on training rail walking, precision jumps, cat leaps, and running cat leaps.

After that it was a run to some picnic tables and benches we did some Kong vaults and different approaches to precision jumps.

By this point we were running out of gas.

We continued running for a bit and then it was a mad race to the car!!!

I won :P

Till Tomorrow,
Jared + Jared

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesdays Training Day + Parkour Games

So today I was training with a partner, my little brother Brett. I was helping him get in shape, and he was helping me get back into shape to do this stuff.

We started today with 3 sets of Pushups x 10, Pull-ups x 10, Prisoner Squats x 10, and Samson Stretches x 2

Then we did some agility running and shoulder stretching.

I worked for 10 minutes on my handstand while Brett worked on his Kong Vault.

Then we took our training outside and worked on precision jumps, running precisions, box jumps, Kong vaults, Thief vaults, and Kong to precisions.

We ended the glorious day of training with a little game of "The Ground is Hot Lava"!!!!!!!!

Signing off,
Hugs + 'lil Hugs (Jared + Brett)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Workout

Started off with the American Parkour Warmup and then did some shoulder stretching exercises and some stair climbers.

For Twenty Minutes worked on the front lever.

Followed it up with work on the parkour roll, some kong vault work, some QM's, and followed it all up with stretching.

Now time to eat, till tomorrow,

Monday, January 3, 2011

How i overcame my fear of training in the winter

Parkour = overcoming obstacles.

Winter = obstacle.



Sunday, January 2, 2011


Wikipedia describes flow one way as "the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity."

In parkour one can achieve a flow like this where you are totally immersed in movement and everything seems to tie in together. It's almost like time slows down and unusually higher physical performance may be achieved.

To achieve this flow you must have certain components:

1. You must have clear goals in mind.
2. A high degree of concentration is involved.
3. Balance between ability level and challenge (the movements are neither too easy nor too difficult).
4. Distorted sense of time, one's experience of time is altered. This is where you feel the time slowing down and you can not only focus on each individual movement, but, then how they will all tie together to make a beautiful picture.

There are countless other factors, these are just ones i thought were higher on the list. And not every factor needs to be considered to experience this "flow." But the point is that you want your movements through the area your working with to flow and have this sense of fluidity about them. Your body is the paint brush and your environment is the canvas. Your movements are the brush strokes over the canvas. To make a beautiful painting you want to be fluid and not choppy or unorganized with the movements you put down.

There are many by products to experiencing this flow. It is definitely a positive force that motivates you to develop your skills and movements more so you can create this flow and make a series of movements just one. Flow makes you perform at a higher level and therefore motivates you to always be as best as you can.

Here King David defines parkour as water or fluid motions linking themselves together.

And here Bruce Lee says to be like water and formless and allow your surroundings to help create your form.

I hope this learned you folks well.