Thursday, February 18, 2010

Strength Training:

3x: 10x push-ups with 40lbs of chains x'd over my back
15x Squats
10x Pull-ups
2x 10 secs of Samsons Stretches (1 on each side)

10 Minutes of Quadrapedal Movements

10 Minutes Power Band/Full ROM Shoulder Exercises - I've found incorporating the power bands in my Full ROM exercises help me to be not as sore the next day.

3x: 10x Knees to Elbows - murder on the abs!

Other Training:

1/2 Mile of Hiking

10 Minutes of Dynamic Stretching

Current Goals:

Improve Broad Jump distance
30 consecutive pull-ups
100 Push-ups
60 second wall Handstand hold
1 Muscle Up - I don't have anywhere to try this, I'll have to wait or find a playground real soon

Dash Vault
Gate Vault
Rail Precisions
Cat Walk on Rails

I'd really like to begin training on the backtuck

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So today Matt came over to train with me! we got right into the workout as he got to my house.

I did the warmup i've been doing all week


10x push ups on blocks with 40lbs of chains x'd across my back
15x squats
10x pullups
2x samson strecth (1 on each side and held for 10 seconds)

15 minutes of Quadprapedal movement, Full ROM arm exercises, handstand skill work, and dynamic stretching,

for the workout matt and i got kinda creative and worked for 10 minutes on underbars, followed by ten minutes of various vaults on my vault boxes, 10 minutes of Parkour scenario drills, and ending with 5 minutes of cat walking on my rock wall and cat leaps in the trees in my front yard!

it was a really productive day! and i'm happy to see matt training with me again :D

more on parkour tomorrow!,
Mr. Hugs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Hugs here! I got home from work today and was a little sore, but couldn't skip a workout.

Warmup - same as yesterday: 3x

10x push ups on blocks with 40 lbs of chains x'd on my back
15x squats
10x pull ups
2x samson stretch (1 on each side and hold for 10 seconds each)

10 minutes of dynamic stretching, quadrapedal movements, and full ROM arm exercises.

The Workout -
2x 400m run
4x 50m sprint

on the sprints i booked it so hard (which was quite difficult to do seeing how there was 3 inches of snow on the track!!! it required alot of concentration)

Talk to y'all tomorrow,
Mr. Hugs

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 15th

I only have like 5 minutes so this post will be kinda short!

today I did conditioning and a wee bit of skill work!

Warm-up = 3x:

10x push ups on blocks with 40 pounds of chains x'd on my back
10x pull ups
2x samson stretch (1 on each side held for 10 seconds)
15x squats

for the workout I did 10 minutes of Handstand skill work and Handstand Pushup skill work, followed by 10 minutes of Underbar skill work using this exercise progression.

so that was the workout for today! I'm sore from the pushups in my warmup! them are tough!! but now i'll be stronger for tomorrow!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Flagpoles, Cat Leaps, Quadropedal Movements, Precision Jumps

O.K. folks, this is the first post of my parkour training blog! So Exciting!!! I've trained everyday this week doing conditioning work and strength building, but today i didn't do any conditioning exercises and primarily focused on honing some of my skills where i'm lacking. One of which is a flagpole. Now it may look easy and simple, but, believe me it is not! There's skill involved plus you need alot of core strength to keep your legs up.

I practiced this on the ladder to my dad's tree stand.

After doing this for about a half-hour i moved on to some precision juming to quadrupedal movements (or cat walking) on my rock wall.

And from there doing cat leaps on trees.

And to top off my workout I focused the last 10 minutes on the parkour roll, which is designed to get your downward motion to become a forward motion! You have to roll on the meaty part of your shoulder and roll to the hip on the opposite side only keeping pressure on your spine for a brief second so as not to injure yourself!

Seeing how this week was just a recovery week cause i had the flu last week, it was quite successful! And i feel very accomplished!

Till monday,
Mr. Hugs

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Changes

There's some changes going around heeyah!! For the past year i have been training in parkour (the art of motion). Some of you may know of it from online videos or even the Office (where it wasn't really given the best of publicity).

Any-who, i'm turning this running blog into my training blog for everything I do in my weekly training regiment for parkour.

Mr. Hugs