Sunday, January 30, 2011

end of a week star of a new

hello all. i've been recovering/overcoming the obstacle of being sick. for the past few weeks i've been transitioning my diet back into my old healthy diet. i have also been taking a pretty awesome multi vitamin.

training has also been afoot! yesterday i did a quite strenuous circuit of 3 sets of this:

Handstand Push-Up x 5 immediately followed by Clap Push-Ups x 5
Pistol or weighted Pistol x 5 (each leg) immediately follwed by Jump Squats x 10
L-Pull-Up or Weighted Pull-Up x 5 immediately followed by Clap Pull-Ups x 5 (kipping pull-up + clap)
After finishing 3 total circuits, finish with Front Plank and Side Plank x 2:00 each.
That brings us to today. Sunday. I started things off with shoulder and hip stretching movements. On to the workout... for that I worked as fast and as hard as I possibly could to get through 7 sets of & pull-ups, 14 burpees, and 21 squats. Following this workout I stretched out my arms and legs during the cool down session. I then promptly hit the couch and konked out into a deep sleep because of how exhausting this workout was!
I'm going to continue to train hard and try to improve on my strength and skills each day.
safe training my peoples

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