Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday (and previous missed days)

Buenos dias folks there in internet land! Jared here for another updat for this here training blog of mine. Sorry I haven't gotten on to post in awhile, I haven't had the time to sit down and write to you all. But I am back and here to share with you all about what I have been up to in the wide world of bodily training.

So on monday I did the Apk warm up and then went for a 3 and a half mile run! I was so happy to get out and actually run some for I had not gotten out and ran in a couple weeks now! Did a quick stretching cool down and was all done for the day.

Tuesday I started things off with the American Parkour Warm up for something new. And then did a descending rep circuit of handstand pushups, pullups, and burpees. Cooled down with some stretching and shoulder ROM excercises.

Finally we are now at today where I warmed up and then tried to get thru 8 sets of 10x squats and 30-sec handstand holds as fast as I could. Then ended it today with some sprinting drills and stretching.

Happy Training

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