Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesdays Training Day + Parkour Games

So today I was training with a partner, my little brother Brett. I was helping him get in shape, and he was helping me get back into shape to do this stuff.

We started today with 3 sets of Pushups x 10, Pull-ups x 10, Prisoner Squats x 10, and Samson Stretches x 2

Then we did some agility running and shoulder stretching.

I worked for 10 minutes on my handstand while Brett worked on his Kong Vault.

Then we took our training outside and worked on precision jumps, running precisions, box jumps, Kong vaults, Thief vaults, and Kong to precisions.

We ended the glorious day of training with a little game of "The Ground is Hot Lava"!!!!!!!!

Signing off,
Hugs + 'lil Hugs (Jared + Brett)

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