Thursday, January 6, 2011

Manchester Nighttime Parkour

Today I went out with Jared Forbes and we did some skill training in Manchester. I was so excited to go and scout out areas for the summer. We hit up some of my old spots and I/we discovered some spots I had never been before.

We started things out with a warmup run. It was quite frigid out (and Jared was just in shorts!)

We hit up one of my favorite spots. There we worked on training some wall runs, rail walking, cat walking, a vast array of vaults, some rolls and then stringing together movements.

Then we didn't go very far to hit up the next spot, it was just around the corner. It was like this loading dock area/handicap ramp and staircase. We worked on training rail walking, precision jumps, cat leaps, and running cat leaps.

After that it was a run to some picnic tables and benches we did some Kong vaults and different approaches to precision jumps.

By this point we were running out of gas.

We continued running for a bit and then it was a mad race to the car!!!

I won :P

Till Tomorrow,
Jared + Jared

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